Nearsightedness перевод. Hamis rövidlátás (myopia)

Other information regarding inpatient care The Eye Clinic of the University of Debrecen, Clinical Center provides outpatient and inpatient care for more than two million inhabitants of two administrative regions The North-Alföld and North Hungary nearsightedness перевод and six counties at the highest level of progressive care.

nearsightedness перевод

The Eye Clinic also has country-wide responsibilities with respect to cornea transplantation, special nearsightedness correction surgeries and radiotherapy of malignant tumors of the eye. Our foreign patient care in the latter area is also considerable.

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A significant number of látószerv with tumors in their eyes are referred to nearsightedness перевод clinic from Ukraine, Romania and Serbia. The upgrade training courses of the Debrecen Eye Clinic are also very popular.

Apart from the eye specialists of the hospitals and polyclinics of the two regions, there are nearsightedness перевод many specialists from the capital, Transdanubia and even from abroad who take part in individual and group trainings.

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Waiting lists and appointment time are far below the national average, and the parameters characterizing the efficiency of the curative interventions are far above the national average. Compared with international standards we can be proud of the science and innovation the doctors of the Clinic have achieved as demonstrated by the research proposals competitively funded and the national and international awards received.


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